Space Taxi

With Starship, SpaceX wants to build a rocket that can be operated like an airplane – re-fuel it, check it, and you’re good to go. The brothers discuss how close SpaceX is to achieving this dream. Why this time is different from the Shuttle. And whether Starship will be the vehicle that gets us to Mars.

What should computers be like?

Steve Jobs said computers are like bicycles for the mind. But then there is candy crush. The brothers discuss how we can make computers live up to these expectations. What are the strengths and limits of voice? Is Konstantin a glasshole? And how might the interface between human and computer change in future?

Flying Taxis – A pie in the sky?

Two German startups are competing for air superiority in the flying taxi space – and they could not be more different: Lilium and Volocopter. The brothers discuss the different technical approaches, various business models and their chances of success.

Vertical Farming – 10 or 1000 years away?

Is Vertical Farming the Next Big Thing or just another safety valve for over-pressurized VC funds? The potential upside is huge – it could return the countryside to nature. But there is a problem : Plants need light, and light needs electricity…

Space Debris – Bounties For Dead Satellites

Earth orbit is the Wild West of the 21st century – lawless, dangerous and up for grabs. ESA is fighting for order with harpoons and nets, but it’s no match for the land rush.

The brothers think that states may claim territory and establish order. But at what cost?

Urbanisation – Bigger is still Better

If we can work from anywhere, why do we cram ourselves into megacities? It looks like the internet has only accelerated their growth. The brothers talk about why that might be – and what it would take for this trend to reverse.

Artificial Protein – Meat, Dairy and the Magic Yeast

How real is fake meat? A niche product for vegetarians or bound to bring the end of animal farming? The brothers think that such a day is a long way into the future. But they identify an overlooked underdog – artificial milk!

Making Money in Space – Starlink, Asteroids and Senators

The brothers discuss what will happen once NASA has spent all its money on the Orion capsule. Will SpaceX make money with Starlink? Or should they rather focus on mining asteroids? What will space tourism look like and should you open a liquor store on Mars any time soon?

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin – Trees, Chainsaws and the Rule of Law

Tesla wants to build a factory near Berlin. Ingmar is scared the plans will be cancelled but he can’t keep himself from getting overly excited. Konstantin won’t stop praising the German bureaucracy for some reason, but both agree that the factory will be a win both for Tesla and the traditional German automakers.

Electric cars – Batteries, Hybrids and Hydrogen

Ingmar and Konstantin disagree about the future of battery electric vehicles and hybrids. They trace it back to one key wildcard factor.

When it comes to the impact of a petrol-free future on our lives however, they agree.